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About the Search

The mission of Grand Valley State University is to educate students to shape their lives, their professions, and their societies.  To realize this mission, a range of thoughtful perspectives is necessary for open inquiry, liberal education, and a healthy community.  Unequivocally, Grand Valley State University values diversity and community, and it is officially articulated in our statement of values.  The decision by President Thomas J. Haas to create an Office of Inclusion and Equity at Grand Valley State University, led by a vice president for inclusion and equity, complements this value and culminates several years of sustained activities, conversations, and research by faculty, staff, and students.

Marlene Kowalski-Braun, director of the Women's Center and Nanette Reynolds, diversity consultant at the university, co-chair the search process for the vice president.  With full support from President Haas, they are committed to creating an inclusive and equitable search process.  This Web site will be updated on a regular basis to inform everyone of major milestones for selecting the first vice president for inclusion and equity in Grand Valley's history.  The Web site will remain available for continuous feedback throughout the search.

How can you participate in the search process:

  1. Share the position description with persons whom you think may be qualified and interested in the position OR those that may be willing to spread the word to others.
  2. Submit feedback to help inform the search committee.
  3. Get involved, or continue your involvement, in the numerous diversity initiatives that are happening on campus.  All of these activities, events, and educational opportunities help to lay the groundwork for the future success of this important position.
Thought this might, eventually make a big impact on GVSU's disability community!
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06 October 2006 @ 12:57 pm
The Awareness Expo and 3 Men & a Tenor Concert is TONIGHT!

Press Conference is @ 4:30.

Expo starts @ 5:00.

Concert starts @ 9:30 and if you want to be a part of the OADS on-stage welcome, be by the arena elevators @ 8:45! DPS will be escorting us to the stage, and Miranda will be confirming there are no imposters in the group.

Shari Lynne
OADS Secretary
04 October 2006 @ 11:08 am
Welcome to the Official LiveJournal community for the Organization for the Advancement of Disabled Student (OADS). This community was formed to promote further accessibilty and ease of use to the memebers of the organization. Any thoughts, comments or opinions on issues related to campus, disabilities, or the organization may be posted here to share with others. As always, the rules are simple, respect each other, nothing against any other members, and nothing illegal.

This community will be used in conjuction with our Facebook community, which is also updated frequently. Enjoy!
-Lee Canady II